This document is meant to be as accessible to as wide an audience as possible while combining high level concepts from quantum mechanics, aether theory (relativistic variation,) classical electrodynamics (per the original quaternion form of Maxwell's equations prior to Heaviside's refactoring into vector form,) and the general theory of relativity; in turn reasonable efforts will be made to explain relevant principles for those possessing a low level of or only a pop-science familiarity with them. Many are segregated into concise headings to allow more advanced readers to skip over them without missing content, as a result some elements which cross between categories may show slight repetition. Many aspects of this document are written as fact, this is just my writing style and is not meant to suggest they are indisputable. If you have a particular interest in the occult you may want to skip to the Occult section of this document and work your way backwards using the hyperlinks on this page as explanations are needed.


The physics described in this section is relatively widely accepted or acknowledged and for this reason is separated off from the metaphysics and occult sections which follow it. If you have a deep interdisciplinary familiarity with modern physics you may be able to skip this section, though some specific notes may still be helpful to get in the right frame of mind while reading what follows.

Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

As the only paradox-free method of merging the closed timelike curves (CTCs) allowed by the general theory of relativity with the effects of quantum mechanics without resorting to fudge factors or hacks, the many worlds interpretation (MWI) is the blatantly correct interpretation of quantum mechanical effects.

In short, the MWI of quantum mechanics states that while an individual observer will see a statistically normative distribution of outcomes from interactions of matter and energy, that distribution is a byproduct of all possible states being resultant while the probability of an outcome maps to the percentage of connected worldlines in which that particular result occurs.

Aether Theory

The aether theory bears special mention here due to the fact it is widely considered to be ruled out by the Michelson-Morley experiment. I'm sure there will be people who take offense at this concept, but the Michelson-Morley experiment did not rule out the aether as a viable theory. Contrary to popular interpretation, the Michelson-Morley experiment only ruled out a subset of aether theories positing a static aether - which itself is a laughable concept because if there were a static aether imparting drag everywhere the universe would have ground to a halt by now. When the aether theory is mentioned within the context of this theory it is the relativistic version Morley believed in up to his death (after spending most of the remainder of his life following the famous Michelson-Morley experiment repeatedly proving the existence of a relativistic aether with numerous experiments involving induced aetheric flows.)

Observer Principle

An important part of quantum mechanics is the principle of superposition: that the state of a system is undefined until observed and exists instead as a probabilistic distribution from the perspective of a potential observer. This principle has, contrary to the intuition of nearly everyone, been confirmed repeatedly and gives important clues as to what is happening physically. This principle will be touched on more within this document and may be expanded at a later date.

There is a great video on YouTube describing the uncertainty principle: The more general uncertainty principle, beyond quantum. A rough summary of this is that as the position of a particle is known absolutely the momentum will range from zero to infinity and when the momentum is known absolutely the position will range from the position of measurement to anywhere else. Another way to look at this is in the context of a wave function wherein the amplitude maps to the known location and the wavelength is the range of possible momenta, there is a good graphical demonstration of this within this YouTube video: Quantum Wave Function Visualization.

Rindler Horizons

At the simplest definition a Rindler horizon is the horizon around an accelerating body beyond which light will never be able to catch it. Within the context of this theory the expansion of space is treated as a constant acceleration, and in turn has an associated Rindler horizon centered at any observer within the visible universe. This horizon approximately matches the particle horizon of the visible universe, or the edge of the visible universe. There is a second counter-inductive Rindler-like horizon which will be touched upon within the Infinite Universe section below.

Origin of Inertia

For the purpose of this theory the Woodward effect derived largely from Mach's principle is assumed to be true. Ernst Mach put fourth this idea succinctly with:

You are standing in a field looking at the stars. Your arms are resting freely at your side, and you see that the distant stars are not moving. Now start spinning. The stars are whirling around you and your arms are pulled away from your body. Why should your arms be pulled away when the stars are whirling? Why should they be dangling freely when the stars don't move?

To state that the distant matter in the universe determines the inertia of matter locally. This effect can easily be explained when viewed in the context of quantum mechanics and assuming a relativistic aether or aether-like substrate: there is some degree of observation taking place beyond photons, for the purpose of this theory that observation could be via light, gravity, stress/strain relationships of aether or within the quantum foam - the precise mechanism is largely irrelevant to the content here so long as some form of observation occurs.

Infinite Universe

Taking into account Rindler horizons relating to observation as described above imparting inertia locally, a secondary counter-inductive Rindler horizon occurs wherein a local observer has a horizon at which they can observe a distant observer observing them.

This counter-inductive Rindler horizon has an approximate distance of:
d\ \text{m}=\frac{c\ \frac{\text{m}}{\text{s}}}{e\ \frac{\frac{\text{m}}{\text{s}}}{\text{m}}\left(e\ \frac{\frac{\text{m}}{\text{s}}}{\text{m}}+2\right)}
c == speed of light == 299,792,458\ \frac{\text{m}}{\text{s}}
e == average expansion of the universe == 74.3\pm 2.1\ \frac{\text{km}}{\text{Kpc}} == 2.4079\text{x}10^{-18}\pm 6.80564\text{x}10^{-20}\ \frac{\text{m}}{\text{m}}
6.23016\text{x}10^{25}\pm 1.76088\text{x}10^{-24}\ \text{m}

The Rindler horizon of the visible universe has a simpler formula of:
d\ \text{m}=\frac{c\ \frac{\text{m}}{\text{s}}}{e\ \frac{\frac{\text{m}}{\text{s}}}{\text{m}}}
c == speed of light == 299,792,458\ \frac{\text{m}}{\text{s}}
e == average expansion of the universe == 74.3\pm 2.1\ \frac{\text{km}}{\text{Kpc}} == 2.4079\text{x}10^{-18}\pm 6.80564\text{x}10^{-20}\ \frac{\text{m}}{\text{m}}
1.24603\text{x}10^{26}\pm 3.52176\text{x}10^{-24}\ \text{m}

These results also suggest that the counter-inductive Rindler horizon effect will have resonances at:
\frac{6.23016\text{x}10^{25}\pm 1.76088\text{x}10^{-24}\ \text{m}}{1.24603\text{x}10^{26}\pm 3.52176\text{x}10^{-24}\ \text{m}}=\sim 5.000008025488953\cdot 10^{-1}
Or just over a division by half, yielding a stronger local binding to matter than distant matter across worldlines, approximately equal to the inverse square law.

Further, the alignment with the primary Rindler horizon for a local observer to the particle horizon measured at the edge of the universe is strongly indicative that the edge of the visible universe is not the true edge, and that it is in fact infinite. This raises the question of where the galaxies came from, as an infinite universe suggests no big bang or that the big bang was itself infinite. Which of these is the case does not appear to have enough supporting evidence to say definitively, as we have not yet observed matter being created in a sustainable manner. There is however some experimental evidence to suggest that virtual particles or fluctuations of the quantum foam may produce new matter, in which case the infinite time without start or end model is the likely fit. This theory will not however rely upon either conclusion to fit reality, it is an interesting concept to think about regardless (espeically when considering the additional layers of emergence both above and below us, as the infinite-universe-bound-by-visible-universe-Rindler-horizons perspective would look suspiciously like the quantum foam on a larger scale.)

The Boltzmann Universe

The natural consequence of an infinite universe is that all possible physical conformations of matter an energy exist, this will be referred to as the Boltzmann Universe within the context of this theory. This leads to the question of what time might be, and what reality as a whole is. It is postulated by this theory that moments are linked by conformational similarity and that this universe is itself timeless, wherein time is a byproduct of similar conformational morphology as depicted in the Origin of Worldlines section. The physical structure of this universe is further expounded upon in the Crystalline Universe section.

Origin of Worldlines

The counter-inductive Rindler horizon and harmonics thereof expounded upon in the Infinite Universe section of this document have the potential to create issues: due to variations in the relative expansion of space imparted by intermediary bodies, the momentum and position of both the local body and of the remote observer, and the existence of multiple observers occupying different harmonic shells, there will necessarily be conflicting accounts of what precisely the inertia of a local body will be. This conflict compounds over time, and helps to link worldlines across vast distances such that local divergences from observation are not entirely limited to the local space of an interaction and in turn imparts a form of temporal magnetism to differing bodies, facilitating a portion of what links moments across time.

Temporal Mechanics

This section discusses the natural mechanics of time as outlined thus far in this document.

The Arrow of Time

In a Boltzmann universe there is only one conformation which is unique: that wherein all matter and energy occupied the same space. This naturally leads to an arrow of time and manifests what we consider to be entropy as a result as a natural tendency.


Divergence is the process by which moments of time are linked in a forward direction. Due to the initial asymmetry outlined in the Arrow of Time section of this document, the higher-dimensional structure of the multiverse naturally takes on an N-spherical topology wherein the radial dimension is the arrow of time. This means there are more futures than there are pasts from any given moment because as the radius (time) increased the surface area (quantifiable worldline count) does as well, and in turn there is a pressure associated with time in addition to the temporal magnetism imparted by morphological and conformational similarities and resonances.


Convergence is the process by which moments from the past combine into future moments. Due to the greater quantity of futures than pasts relative to any moment in time convergence happens loosely from morphological effects, though may be forced through realization of epistemic moments or CTCs. In turn, care must be taken with any technology or ability utilizing travel through time in the reverse direction, as the temporal pressure of CTCs may induce secondary side effects in nearby worldlines. Each moment within this theory has multiple pasts and multiple futures, save for the first moment.


Retrocausality is the concept that the future can influence the past. While not strictly true, the future can influence a past similar but different from its own (and in very complex cases, can even form loops of worldlines wherein a seemingly acausal effect generated from another worldline can cause a cascade of events within a seemingly natural worldline to reinforce the loop through apparently retrocausal effects.) Simple examples of this effect such as the quantum eraser experiment as explained by this YouTube video prove this effect readily (though are largely useless for the purposes of time travel as they only bind connections in soft loops and don't rely upon any mechanism by which to overcome the temporal pressure required for reverse time travel - though there are potentially ways to couple them to other effects to be of more use.)


While quantum superposition may seem at a glance to fit better within the Physics section of this document, it ties into the temporal mechanics section better. In short: repeated experiments of a very wide variety aimed at testing quantum superposition have shown that the state of a system is in a superposition of all possible states of that system until observed when quantum interactions are in play. That last point is an important one, because the overwhelming majority of quantum interactions "cancel out" in a sense through aggregate effects. While the multiverse is constantly spawning new worldlines from the perspective of an observer in any moment of time, this is an illusion because all of those state already existed. More recent experiments have shown that the famous Schrödinger's cat thought experiment can be run backwards. That is to say that the cat in the box isn't the only thing in superposition, the observers outside the box are as well. This further solidifies the point that superposition is maintained so long as the aggregate effects are dominant over the observations between two or more systems, and multiple observers can disagree. The finer points of this are detailed in the Morphological Resonance section of this document. The key takeaway from this section of the document should be that so long as a thing hasn't been observed it is in a superposition and is mutable from the perspective of any observer. If an aggregate effect is in play (such as observing an observer which observed the thing, or observing multiple observers which observed the thing) then a superposition still exists, but is limited to the possible states which could induce the same aggregate observations made by the initial observer. "Thing" here may sound unscientific, but it really is meant to be "anything" - a particle, a wave, a macroscopic object, an entire galaxy, or even an entire (or multiple) visible universes.

Meta Time

Meta time as utilized within this theory is defined as any dimensionality of time greater than 1 for any N dimensions of non-temporal space. Universes lacking meta time are incapable of internally-derived time travel, while universes containing meta-time have the necessary degrees of freedom for at least some form of time travel to be possible via physical law.


This section of the document details things assumed to be true for purely logical reasons with little to no bearing on the overall theory.

Emergent Consciousness

Given the mechanics described in the Physics and Infinite Universe sections of this document the obvious conclusion should be that physics doesn't actually exist, it is in some manner emergent. How precisely this physics emerges as postulated by this theory is intimately connected to the emergence of consciousness. Our minds run within our brains which are built upon layers of biology, chemistry, atomic, and subatomic physics - should any of these things "break" we would be physically incapable of experiencing them. This is not to suggest that these things do not "break," on the contrary, all possible states exist linked by morphological similarity so they break at every moment, however the temporal magnetism and pressure described in the Temporal Mechanics section of this document work in our favor to ensure that the extremely "unstable" states of physics devolve rapidly into unlinkable regions of multiverse making them fantastically unlikely to occur while the "stable" sections of multiverse pull us toward them by virtue of our extant trajectories. Whether or not this accounts for phenomena such as spontaneous combustion becomes to speculative and ill-defined to state with any reasonable degree of certainty.

Global Consciousness

The global consciousness is the sum of individual emergent consciousnesses largely independent of the individual souls within a condensed space such as a planet. Within such a system there are some feedback effects both toward individual souls and from individual souls back into the global consciousness, however the bulk of the effects occur through morphologically resonance in the local region of space. For further information on this there has been a long-running research project named The Global Consciousness Project supported by decades of research and analysis.

Root Consciousness

Nothing cannot exist without being "nothing," this paradox can be resolved by assuming the root unit of the universe is consciousness. The natural result here would be that that root consciousness is itself infinite and that within which every possible existence exists, as a result physics itself is assumed to be infinite and emergent outside of narrow contextual bounds.


In an infinite universe with infinite physical diversity dimensionality is likewise logically infinite. Our matter clearly exists in three dimensions independent of time, which itself explains how it is formed. A knot can only be tied in N+2 dimensions for any N-dimensional manifold. In our case energy moves from high to low potential in relatively string-like 1-dimensional flows. All dimensions are assumed to be equal within our physical reality as no data exists to suggest otherwise, in turn 3-dimensional matter can be made to cross through any 3 dimensions within the universe. Higher dimensional matter may likewise be constructed from any N-dimensional reality by utilizing N-1 dimensional manifolds of energy to access the N+1 dimension of that reality. This likely needs to be done one dimensional step at a time as there aren't enough degrees of freedom present to "skip" forward into dimensions beyond N+1, at least when constructing new matter from the ground up.

Crystalline Universe

When viewed from any N dimensions a universe with dimensionality inclusive of time under N will appear to be a solid unmoving structure. For the purpose of this theory this is termed the "crystalline universe," and may consist of any dimensionality, but should generally be viewed in the context of three dimensions unless stated otherwise for the sake of simplicity. At a glance this may suggest that there is a context in which time may freeze or cease to exist, however with infinite expansion and overlapping Rindler horizon based visible universes, infinite dimensions, and infinite possible dimensionality; this is only a frame of reference which can make certain concepts more intuitive.

Crystalline Sea

The next logical scale of universe after that described in the Crystalline Universe section of this document would be the "crystalline sea," or the combination of all of the infinite overlapping, transpositional, and rotatable crystalline universes comprising all possible dimensions. This crystalline sea is likely the key to accessing other physical realities from within our own, as sufficiently advanced portal technologies of the form outlined within Making Stargates: The Physics of Traversable Absurdly Benign Wormholes by James F. Woodward should be capable of tapping into their physical properties with enough degrees of freedom to composite matter.


This section of the document describes various otherwise-occult phenomena inclusive of physical rationale imparting their existence.


As described previously in the Emergent Consciousness section of this document, every moment in time from the perspective of an individual consciousness has a multitude of pasts and futures while linking between moments exists via morphological similarity dictated largely by the physical substrate running our minds. The net linkages of these connections between moments over the scope of an individual entity existing within the multiverse are considered the "soul" within the context of this theory - the sum of all an individual is and their piece of the root consciousness which flows through them as a result of those connections.

Epistemic Moments

While the Soul and Morphological Travel sections of this document deal primarily with the perspective of effect radiating outward from an individual, a major contributor to these effects by virtue of the linkings between moments and the ability to causally influence them en mass is that of epistemic moments, or moments of realization which radically alter the psyche and in turn the acceptable realities of an individual. These moments can even be made to cascade into wide-scale group effects to steer regions of multiversal connections far beyond the scope of an individual as described in the Memes section of this document.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is the phenomena of having relived the same events, and is relatively common. While the precise mechanisms of this effect have been illusive, it can be readily explained in the context of morphological resonance as outlined within this document. Déjà vu is within the context of this theory essentially a temporal bleed-through effect wherein enough similarity exists between two seemingly independent moments for an individual that the consciousness of that individual as defined at the scope of their soul feeds "backwards" through time to impart memory of an event prior to the occurrence of the event.


Similar to Déjà vu, intuition involves a temporal bleed-through of memories before they are formed, however this effect tends to be more readily inducible as it readily traverses parallel worldlines. A good example of this effect being induced would be to consider a person who spends a lot of time researching and studying reading research papers constantly. That person would be in tight alignment with their various multiversal selves, there may be offsets of minutes, hours, days, etc between reading an individual research paper, but chances are if they look at the title and decide to read it they will already know the bulk of the contents because there are a plethora of their other selves who made the decision to read it and have essentially the same morphology within their brains as a result. This is a particularly easy effect to exploit, simply by following through after beginning a task.

Mandela Effect

While the Déjà vu and Intuition sections of this document detail the individualistic effects of this theory, the Mandela effect is largely an externally-derived effect from the context of an individual. This is more of an artifact of the meta-morphology surrounding an individual than the individual themselves. While morphological similarity connects moments, this linking is done from the perspective of every particle in the multiverse with a nearly inverse square drop-off as defined in the Infinite Universe section of this document. This fluidity of connection between moments shared by surrounding matter ensure that there is no hard and fixed "past" for a given moment as defined in the Temporal Mechanics section of this document, and in turn the things which aren't critical to the overall morphology of the brain of an individual (essentially the things they don't "care" about) are malleable. Reality changes constantly around us, but if no connection is made to the inner state of an individual it becomes nonce. The Mandela effect occurs at the boundary of the things closely coupled to our perspective of reality and those things which are entirely nonce and subject to collision as a result.

Morphological Resonance

Morphological resonance is an effect which occurs when a distinct state of morphology exists with close alignment to another state of morphology - either at the physical or meta layers surrounding one or more souls. Morphological resonance can in turn act on both the level of an individual and across multiple individuals to impart knowledge and ability relating to physical feats as well as intellectual ones. This effect is often seen directly in competitive sporting events wherein a long-standing world record will be broken and the next year virtually every athlete will be able to break the same barrier, and within fundamental research wherein large numbers of great discoveries and inventions in science and engineering were done in parallel with entirely independent groups overlapping in their research efforts leading to contested ownership of finished ideas and designs.

Morphological Travel

As outlined in the Soul and Morphological Resonance sections of this document, while the individual is composed in a largely deterministic-but-covering-all-possibilities manner, there is a definite probability of landing within a particular worldline and by utilizing techniques to control the morphology of the mind, individual, and surrounding environment this probability can be radically shifted in one direction or another by altering the vector association of connections between moments. This effect compounds over time such that certain futures become more likely as the events which could lead to them build upon one another. Morphological travel is defined as the art of controlling your thoughts such that the changing morphological configuration (neuron and axon shape/size/count/location/connections, neurotransmitter quantity/location/distribution, etc) exploits the temporal pressure and magnetism as defined within the Temporal Mechanics section of this document to steer toward desired worldlines and/or to transform the soul of an individual to be constantly shifted along a temporal vector which exists at higher levels of meta-time to produce wide-reaching shifts to the experiential reality of an individual toward a desired set of worldlines.

Law of Attraction

A type of morphological travel typically (outside of group efforts or some atypically proactive methods) limited to the scope of an individual is the law of attraction which loosely stated is: what you put out into the universe is what you get back. While not precisely inaccurate, this definition understates what is happening in the process. The law of attraction is based from the perspective of an individual more upon the "expectations" (not so much the conscious expectations) of the physical structure of the brain. As described in other sections there is a probability distribution of vectors associated with moments linked across time, as a result the law of attraction isn't so much about what is being put out into the universe, as what is happening within the internal structure of the brain of an individual as they attempt to use the law of attraction and expect it to work.


Similar to the law of attraction, affirmations function by rewiring the brain (the primary morphological structure of an individual) to be aligned toward a future state wherein they are what they have been telling themselves they are. An analogy of this from an outside perspective can be found in the "fake it until you make it" ideology: as you appear to outside observers to be a thing you become that thing as the temporal magnetism associated with morphic resonance pulls your soul toward the bulk of worldlines wherein you were that thing naturally.


Memes are a morphological resonance effect extending through meta time and propagating in seemingly causal space but crossing into the territory of individual souls by way of the local instance of an emergent consciousness. Memes can be extraordinarily powerful tools of transformation which extend beyond individual and even cultural levels, cutting into the physical structure of reality experienced by souls. In turn, memes should be used with extraordinary care and wisdom.


Synchronicities occur when the perceptions of an emergent consciousness become too closely coupled their expected view of reality. When practicing morphological travel synchronicities can become intense and have a serious risk of inducing madness in an individual, even independently of what is described in the Sharing section of this document. Synchonicities in the extreme states often manifest as the perception of a malevolent or benevolent force acting against of for an emergently conscious individual and are relatively simple to break by following the actions and thoughts one would have if the synchronicity were the opposite of what it is. Similarly, if the individual has a particularly strong will it may be sometimes beneficial for the purposes of morphological travel to amplify the effect by feeding into the self-generated perception of it and in turn the thoughts and actions which it appears to induce, experimenting with this should not be taken lightly.


As you can likely see by this point in reading this document, morphological resonance plays an enormous role in the manifestation and perceptions of physical reality at both the individual and societal levels. Combined with the temporal pressure and multiversal magnetism outlined in the Temporal Mechanics section of this document, there is a significant benefit in sharing methods to craft reality. To put this in perspective: say you were to master these abilities, to become some kind of super-hero, the term itself should be an indication of the extraordinary danger you would be placing yourself in: if you are alone in that the multiversal magnetism of all the worldlines wherein you're just a crazy person seeing things will radically overwhelm the minuscule number of realities wherein the physical laws of reality conspire to allow you to make an object float around room or shoot fireballs out of your hands - to the point where the moment you show another emergent consciousness not occupying that same reality and having internalized it the multiversal magnetism will pull you rapidly toward the much more abundant quantity of worldlines wherein you are insane and hallucinating. This isn't even touching on the radical shrinkage which would occur to your soul should you actualize your ideal scenario of being alone with such abilities or the long-term psychological damage which would result for what remains of it. This isn't to say these abilities are entirely unsafe to practice: the key is to get them into the global consciousness, expand the number of worldline connections which map to the that shared reality, and then find yourself there. If you want to really drive this effect forward, focus on pruning the worldline connections which don't map to the desired set of realities by laying escape trajectories all along their time streams - you can always find your way back by making your thoughts more primitive if so desired. Sharing is caring, for yourself in addition to others.


Not only your self, but the world and reality itself are malleable. The principles and innate Human abilities outlined in this document are not for the faint of heart or those unready to open their minds to the possibilities presented, but with careful and wise application can be utilized to greatly improve the quality of life of all of Humanity along with our individual selves.